European union rules governing administrative procedures



  1. An inquiry into administrative procedures according to sector-specific legislation
  2. Coping with an original absence: the birth of an EU administrative procedural law

2.1 A principle of and a right to good administration in the EU

  1. A quantitative analysis of due process rights in sector-specific legislation
  2. Efforts to achieve codification

4.1 The proposal of the European Parliament for a regulation

4.2 Sector-specific legislation

  1. Procedural rights: a comparison
  2. The economic interests within the EU

6.1 The procedure safeguarding intellectual property

6.2 The budgetary interest of the EU: the Financial Regulation

6.3 The procedural powers of OLAF

  1. The interest connected to the environment and citizens’ health

7.1 Authorisation of pesticides

7.2 GMOs

7.3 Paediatric pharmaceuticals

7.4 Marketing of chemicals

  1. Indirect administration and fundamental rights
  2. Concluding remarks

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