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About IJPL

The IJPL was established in 2009 by a small group of scholars based in several Italian universities, with the encouragement and support of scholars from other countries.

IJPL has the ambition to serve as a bridge between the Italian and other legal cultures and therefore encourages the submission of studies, comments and review articles from lawyers and social scientists from all over the world.

IJPL is interested in publishing pieces in all areas of public law, especially with regard to administrative and constitutional law. Both comparative and theoretical approaches are particularly welcomed. Those who would be interested in publishing their work in IJPL should contact the editors: Professors Marta Cartabia and Giacinto della Cananea .


Current Issue

Read the latest studies, comments, and review articles from lawyers and social scientists from around the world.


All the manuscripts focusing on public law issues published by Italian Journal Public Law divided by year.

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VOLUME 16 NO. 2/2024

VOLUME 16 NO. 1/2024

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