The ELI research on ‘Common constitutional traditions in Europe: research in progress


The IJPL is pleased to publish the reports elaborated in the framework of the research produced in the framework of the European Law Institute on a key topic such as the ‘common constitutional traditions’.
It can be helpful to say one or two words about the choice made by ELI and its path. One of ELI’s objectives is the elaboration and facilitation of research about European law. Thus far, it has accomplished this task mainly in the field of private law. The research initially proposed by Sabino Cassese and Mario Comba with a focus on common constitutional traditions is, therefore, innovative. When the research was approved, other members of ELI, including Piotr Bogdanowicz, Iain Cameron, Riccardo De Caria, Jörg Fedtke, Michele Graziadei, Francis Jacobs, Jeffrey Jowell, Andras Sajo, Guy Scoffoni and Takis Tridimas, have joined the proponents. Still others, including Daria De Pretis and Jacques Ziller, have been involved during the research and have taken part in various meetings and workshops. The research has thus been a truly transnational enterprise”.

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