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Marta Cartabia
Italian Constitutional Justice In Global Context

1956-2016: the Italian Constitutional Court just turned 60, as her first decision was issued in June 1056. It was a momentous event for the Italian Republic. Not only did a more ›

Gaetano Azzariti
Constitutional Law And Its Methods

The article critically reviews the book “Italian Constitutional Justice in Global Context”, analysing the extensive use of the case approach made in the text and examining the creative nature of more ›

Mauro Bussani
Constitutional Justice In Italy And Beyond: A Comparative (And Private) Law Perspective

This article takes a comparative law perspective to examine a series of issues that, through the lense of the recently published book ‘Italian Constitutional Justice in Global Context, appear to more ›

Vittoria Barsotti
The Importance Of Being Open. Lessons From Abroad For The Italian Constitutional Court

The article examines the institutional relations between Italian Constitutional Court and its stakeholders, as political bodies or courts. At the same time through a comparative overview it shows the specificity

Marta Cartabia
Of Bridges And Walls: The “Italian Style” Of Constitutional Adjudication

Taking into account the methodology adopted by the Italian constitutional Court in its legal reasoning, the essay puts forward a framework of its jurisprudence, showing the approach followed in constitutional more ›

Oreste Pollicino
Is There An “Italian Style” In Constitutional Adjudication?

The article, taking inspiration from the recently published book “Constitutional Adjudication in Global Context” by Barsotti, Carozza, Cartabia and Simoncini, deals with the question whether there is an “Italian style” more ›

Patricia Popelier
An Italian Or A European Style Of Judicial Review? Setting The Agenda For Comparative Research On Courts

The paper suggests that the book on Italian Constitutional Justice does not so much describe a typical ‘Italian’ style of constitutional adjudication, but a continental European one. In fact, the more ›

Andrea Simoncini
The Success Of A Constitutional Experiment: When History Matters. The Italian Constitutional Court In Global Context

The paper takes the cue from the analysis offered by the book “Italian Constitutional Justice in Global Context” to suggest some remarks on the way the Italian Constitutional Court has more ›

Luca De Lucia
From Mutual Recognition To Eu Authorization: A Decline Of Transnational Administrative Acts?

The paper has two goals. First it seeks to examine the main features of transnational administrative decisions in the EU legal system (i.e. acts of one Member State which, according more ›

Marie Gautier
The Life And Death Of The Schengen Agreement: Is The Abolition Of Internal Borders A Realistic Goal?

The Schengen System is currently going through a radical shift. As we observe its relative failure, the inadequacy of our models (especially legal) as well as the possibility of an more ›

Stefano Civitarese Matteucci
Digitalisation And Reforms Of Public Administration In Italy

This article aims to discuss how and to what extent “digitalisation” is affecting and should affect the functioning of public administration in Italy. With the Public Administration Reorganisation Act of more ›

Stefano D’Alfonso
Professions In Italy: A Grey Area

The deep roots and development of Mafia–type organisations in local and international settings is in part also a result of the services provided by professionals (for example, in money laundering). more ›

Francesco Giovanni Albissini
The Rise Of Global Standards. ICAO's Standards And Recommended Practices

This article aims, using the examination of the regulation of aviation safety by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as a case analysis, to demonstrate how the relationship between bureaucratic more ›