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Justin O. Frosini
Is Brexit Ripping Up The Unwritten Constitution Of The United Kingdom?

Trick or Treat? The BBC couldn’t resist the quip when news came through in the early hours of April 11 that the EU had granted the United Kingdom another extension more ›

Francesco Bilancia
The Constitutional Dimension Of Democracy Within A Democratic Society

This article aims to shed light on – at the time of the economic crisis – the emerging gap between, on one side, the ideal representation of democracy and its more ›

Cesare Pinelli
Conditionality And Economic Constitutionalism In The Eurozone

The EU’s approach to conditionality was for long centered on respect for human rights and democracy from third countries, including those of Eastern Europe after the break-up of communist regimes. more ›

Oreste Pollicino - Elettra Bietti
Truth And Deception Across The Atlantic: A Roadmap Of Disinformation In The Us And Europe

This paper tries to offer a bird’s eye view of the complex dynamics and legal constraints that shape the digital information ecosystem, and how lawyers and policy-makers should think about more ›

Marco Calabrò
Legal Immigration And Local Resilience In Italy: The Case Of The Integration Councils

Currently in Italy coexist different regulatory approaches not as much in the field of the entrance, but more in the field of the stay of legal immigrants. Local ordinances limiting more ›

Angela Ferrari Zumbini
The Power To Tax Without Due Process Of Law

This paper provides a case-study analysis that allows the highlighting of any inconsistencies or unequal treatment in adjudication procedures in tax matters, a sector particularly interesting and fruitful for an more ›

Barbara Guastaferro
Territorial Representation In Unitary States. Reforming National Legislatures In Italy And In The United Kingdom

Important reforms of constitutional significance have recently affected national legislatures in Italy and the United Kingdom. In both cases, those reforms modified—or attempted to modify—the composition of national Parliaments by more ›

Miriam Allena
Anti-Mafia Confiscation Against Corruption: The New Frontier Of Human Rights

The Italian lawmakers have recently extended the antiMafia non conviction based confiscation to the persons suspected of belonging to a criminal association aimed to corruption or to the commission of more ›

Stefano Vaccari
The Problems Of Res Judicata In The Italian Administrative Justice System

The aim of this paper is to study ‘res judicata’ in the Italian administrative justice system. After providing an overview of some essential concepts of the general theory of proceedings, more ›

Nicoletta Parisi - Francesco Clementucci
Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of Anti-Corruption Measures For The Public Sector And For Private Entities

The article examines the “philosophy” (nature and objectives) of the anti-corruption measures provided in the Italian legal system, assessing how and why they relate one another, in consideration of the more ›

Marco Bassini
Rise Of Populism And The Five Star Movement Model: An Italian Case Study

The spread of fake news on the Internet, the educational divide, the adverse effects of the economic crisis and the emergence of international terrorism are often ranked among the factors more ›

Vinicio Brigante
Law Enforcement Against Corruption In Italian Public Procurement, Between Hetero-Imposed Measures And Procedural Solutions

This essay aims to analyze the complicated and impenetrable topic of corruption in public procurement into Italian law. Corruption is a multi-faceted phenomenon which has economic, legal and moral consequences. more ›

Marco Lunardelli
The U.S. Freedom Of Information Act In Light Of The 2016 Reform: Some Theoretical Issues

The purpose of this Article is to analyze the U.S. federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in light of the FOIA Improvement Act of 2016. The Article starts by looking more ›

Ekaterina Mouliarova
The Legal Regulation Of Surrogacy In Russia

Reproductive technologies and surrogacy can be seen as a new legal knot for Russian law. Being at the intersection between constitutional, family, civil, administrative and tax law, surrogacy creates a more ›

Tomaso Emilio Epidendio
The Grand Chamber On Confiscation Without Conviction: ‘Beyond Confiscation Of Property, The War Of The Courts’, The Interpretation Of Judgments, And The Rights Of Legal Persons

The ruling of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) of 28 June 2018 addresses once again the issue of the compatibility with the ECHR of the confiscation of property more ›

Claudia Figliolia
Marta Simoncini, Administrative Regulation Beyond The Non-Delegation Doctrine: A Study On Eu Agencies, Hart Publishing, 2018

Marta Simoncini’s Book aims to contribute to the constitutional conceptualization of the administrative powers at European level. Her innovative reading and interpretation of the Meroni Doctrine constitutes the space in more ›