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Oreste Pollicino
Fake News, Internet And Metaphors

“The internet is a new free marketplace of ideas”. This is the preferred metaphor1 of those who within scholarly and public debate take the view that the issue of fake more ›

Giuseppe de Vergottini
Is Freedom Of Thought Still Relevant?

The most recent broadcast technologies do nothing other than enrich constitutionalism. They simultaneously maintain guarantees in order to ensure the full exercise of freedom of thought and determine which limits more ›

Kevin Aquilina
Inherent Deficiencies In The Constitutional Reforms (Justice Sector) Act, 2016: A Case Of No Step Forward, Twenty Steps Backward?

The Parliament of Malta has on 5 August 2016 enacted a law which amends the Constitution of Malta. It deals primarily with the addition of new provisions regulating judicial appointment, more ›

Antonio Marcacci
What Is Still Missing To Achieve An Optimum Currency Area Under Eu Law?

The article normatively assesses the effectiveness of the European Union’s post-crisis reforms in the banking field against the economic theory of the Optimum Currency Area, with the aim to ascertain more ›

Christian Iaione
The Right To The Co-City

This study is an effort to contribute to the current urban studies debate on the way to conceptualize the city by advancing a rights-based approach and to suggest that to more ›

Marco Lunardelli
The Reform Of Legislative Decree No. 33/2013 In Italy: A Double Track For Transparency

This Article is aimed at analyzing the evolution of the concept and regulation of transparency in the Italian public administration, especially in light of the amendments brought to the so-called more ›

Davide De Lungo
Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States.A Constitutional Analysis Of President Trump’s executive Orders

Through the implementation of two Executives Orders, the recently instated US President Donald Trump has temporarily suspended the admission onto US soil of aliens from seven Muslim-majority countries, as well more ›

Ferruccio Auletta
Book Reviews

Having been entrusted1 with the examination of the opening contribution in the series “Il diritto amministrativo: variazioni” (directed by Giacinto della Cananea, Daria de Pretis, Marco Dugato, Aristide Police and more ›

Aldo Sandulli
La Regolazione Amministrativa Del Contratto. Atti Amministrativi Conformativi Dell’autonomia Negoziale, Giappichelli, Torino, 2016 (390 Pp.).

This is the first volume in a new series of studies on administrative law (called “variations”), directed by five wellknown scholars of the subject. It is the author’s debut monograph, more ›