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Francesco Vetrò
The Italian Energy Services Manager In The Fight Against Climate Change
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The energy and environmental policies are closely tied together: the political-administrative decisions and the legal measures adopted in the field of energy affect the environmental one as well as the environmental decisions must take into account the effects that the energy sector has on the ecosystem protection. The European Union has a crucial role in the global fight against the climate changes. The target is to achieve a «climate neutrality» by 2050. As stated, given the close interrelationship between the energy policy and the environmental one, the European approach to the fight against the climate changes, could not but be an integrated type. The exceptional events occured in the energy system often arise from natural disasters and extreme weather events connected with climate changes. Those inappropriate behaviours in the energy consumption can even lead to the risk of exceptional events; therefore the so-called «risk management» in energy and environmental sectors increased its relevance. The inadequacy of ordinary tools warrant the adoption of extra ordinem ones. However the use of extra ordinem measures, which (maybe) shows a scant attention from the public powers to the prevention phase of extraordinary events, leads to the adoption of rules aimed at solving the events that could have been prevented with a proper involvement of public and private stakeholders, with technical and scientific competences. However, the so-called «risk management» is not sufficient to give a contribution to the fight against climate changes: we need political and administrative decisions and legal measures referred to a “previous” timeline horizon, aimed at driving the operation of the energy system towards the «climate neutrality», and at giving a contribution for the reduction, at the roots, of exceptional events. The European legal system, as implemented by the Member States, predicts many «therapeutic measures», among which the incentive for the production of energy from renewable sources and that for energy efficiency, etc. Very important is also the attention dedicated to the need to ensure adequate sustainable development in urban areas (objective 11 of the Urban agenda for Europe). In Italy, an important role in the adoption of measures to combat climate change is played by the GSE, a public company incharged with managing the incentive mechanisms aimed at promoting the development of energy efficiency and renewable sources. What is the level of cooperation between political and technical- administrative institutions? How can GSE contribute to the prevention of energy and environmental risk situations? What role can the technical-specialist services that the GSE has the right to play in favor of public administrations in the pursuit of the environmental and energy objectives determined by international and European law? The paper aims to examine, in particular, the role that one of the institutions of the national energy system (the GSE) can play in contributing to the fight against climate change.

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