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Vinicio Brigante
Monographs - Collected Books - Handbooks
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Public law, market and competition C. Franchini, L’intervento pubblico di contrasto alla povertà (2021), Naples, Editoriale Scientifica. The text aims to analyse the need to activate administrative power in terms of combating poverty even beyond the concept of welfare state. E. D’Alterio, Dietro le quinte di un potere. Pubblica amministrazione e governo dei mezzi finanziari (2021), Bologna, Il Mulino. This book examines ways in which public administrations not only governs financial means but also affects programmes and policies of general interest. C. Franchini, La disciplina pubblica dell’economia tra diritto nazionale, diritto europeo e diritto globale (2020), Naples, Editoriale Scientifica. The book traces the approach of legislative systems from the perspective of market and its mechanisms. G. Colombini, M. D’Orsogna, L. Giani, A. Police (eds.), Infrastrutture di trasporto e sistemi di regolazione e gestione. Coesione, sostenibilità e finanziamenti (vol. 1-2, 2019), Naples, Editoriale Scientifica. These books, which collect results of a national research project on “Equality in fundamental rights in the crisis of the State and public finances: a proposal for a new model of social cohesion with specific regard to the liberalization and regulation of transport”. Individual sectors are examined under various related profiles of competition protection, network governance, national and European funding sources, planning and programming procedures, protection of rights, environmental and financial sustainability.

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