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Stefano Mannoni
Editorial - How Neutral Is Net Neutrality?
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Net Neutrality: there it is the cry of war which has rallied hundreds of thousands of internauts throughout the world. In the USA, where the debate has started, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), after being submerged by a flood of complaints, and after being publicly and strongly pressed by president Obama, eventually capitulated. It adopted a regulation with a strict majority: three democrats against two republicans: the Open Internet Order of 2015. But first of all, what net neutrality is about? It enshrines the principle that all traffic on the web ought to be treated impartially, whatever the contents and irrespective of the sources, without granting to anyone a fast lane. Furthermore, no caps should be imposed on the customers as far as the amount of capacity is concerned. In one sentence, the principle of “best effort” must be held good, as a pillar of internet democracy. Has the goal been achieved? The answer is a resounding no! President Trump has committed the FCC to repeal the regulation even before it could be challenged before the courts. “Committed” is not the proper word for an agency which boasts independence. But reflects the reality where the republican majority have answered to a “wish” of the President. If it will be so, the Internet Service Providers, to whom the regulation is addressed, will have won the day. The step is momentous.


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