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Estanislao Arana García
Marcello Clarich, Manuale Di Diritto Amministrativo, Milano, Il Mulino, Coll. «Strumenti»,
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Italian doctrine has provided, and continues to provide on a regular basis, numerous manuals on Diritto amministrativo (Administrative Law) to the scholars of this branch of Law, always keeping that country at the forefront when it comes to the teaching of a subject traditionally shaped around a more or less homogenous and recurring structure. Some of these manuals possess great quality and importance for all Europea administrative doctrine, such as the Principi di diritto amministrativo by Santi Romano (1912) or Corso di diritto amministrativo by Zanobini (1957), or they enjoy considerable editorial and doctrinal success, which is the case of the recent edition of the Manuale di Diritto Amministrativo by Mazzarolli, Pericu, Romano, Roversi Monaco, Scoca, or the manuals by Bodda, Giannini, Sandulli and, most recently, by Sorace, Corso, Cerulli Irelli, Rossi, among many others, and especially, that of our recently departed colleague, Elio Casetta, so meticulously revised and updated by his most esteemed and brilliant pupil, Professor Fabrizio Fracchia. For this reason, it is a virtue of Professor Marcello Clarich to have contributed to this cast of great didactic works a creation that is not simply just another book, but rather one with its own personality and originality in a field where being original is already a struggle.

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