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Valerio Onida
The Constitution Yesterday And Today
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Towards the "de-provincialisation" of the debate on the Constitution.

Sixty years after it came into force, the historical and legal debate on the roots, meaning and perspectives of the republican Constitution should be liberated once and for all from the limitations and sometimes stereotypes into which it has long been constrained. Examples are the affirmation of a genetic link between the Constitution and the Resistance, and the war of liberation from Nazi-Fascism, or the interpretation of the constituent process as the result of the coming together, or compromise between the major political forces making up the Constituent Assembly, and between the various and partially opposing ideologies they stood for. The studies and controversies on the continuity or discontinuity of the institutional order of the Italian State from pre-fascism to fascism, and from fascism to republicanism, and a consideration of the links between the powers stablished by the Constitution and the current configuration of the Italian political system, with the profound changes that have befallen it over the last few decades are all certainly historically based keys to an understanding of the constitutional events of the Italian State, but they are nevertheless partial and insufficient.

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