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Daniela Luigia Caglioti & Giacinto della Cananea
Symposium Citizens And Enemy Alens
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This special issue of IJPL focuses on the implications of the measures taken to combat trans-national terrorism. This subject involves multiple perspectives and has complex roots in different academic disciplines and their sub-fields, such as history, law (especially criminal law, international law and public law), and sociology.
It also concerns a variety of ‘real world’ fields of endeavour, including those of judges, administrators, and experts in international relations. There are consequently many aspects to consider, with a variety of themes, questions, and issues that have commanded attention for more than a decade. Moreover, “citizens and enemy aliens” is both a subject for academic study and a complex aspect of governmental activity and social life. This by itself explains why we have decided to convene scholars with different academic backgrounds in the research project and in the seminars organized to discuss its outcomes.


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