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Simone Pajno
The Apologue Of Marco And Leonardo. A Response To Joseph Weiler
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After the recent, well-known, and widely discussed verdict of the European Court of Human Rights (section II, November 3, 2009, Appl. No 30814/06, Lautsi v. Italy), Joseph Weiler discusses, very acutely as usual, the essence of the issue of the crucifix in schools (EJIL (2010), Vol. 21 No. 1, 1-6).
The Author uses an instrument that is quite unusual in scientific debate: the apologue.Weiler imagines two classmates, Marco and Leonardo, who respectively belong to a religious family and to a not religiousfamily.
When the latter pays a visit to the former, he is very surprised: there is an object on the wall that he does not know at all. «It’s a crucifix – he is told – every house should have one».
Leonardo goes back home quite impressed, and asks hismother about this strange object.
The mother, patiently, replies:«They are Catholics. We respect them and their beliefs». To the her son’s request of if they could also hang the crucifix on the wall of their  house,  the  mother  answers  politely  but  firmly  in  the negative. And rightly so, in Weiler’s opinion: «It is a secular world view that she wants to impart to her children».

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