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Giorgio Pastori
Recent Trends in Italian Public Administration
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Although the reality of an administration continues to provoke the public’s harsh criticism and widespread discontent, at least from the beginning of the 1990s, a considerable quantity of reforming legislation and organisational measures has sought to create a new and better relationship between the public administration, society and citizens. The article argues that, although the Constitution of 1948 was left unchanged in these respects, these reforms, considered as a whole, introduce the new vision of administration. The first of such reforms was the introduction of a law laying down general principles of administrative action (Law no. 241 of 1990). Together with other legislative measures, this deeply affected the relationships between citizens and public administrations. Second, both the constitutional framework and administrative organization have been modified, the latter throughout the 1990’s and the former in 2001. More recently, as a third step, several measures were introduced in order to improve judicial protection of individual and collective interests. After considering all these trends, the article observes, however, that, while a transformation occurred, it still has not influenced the spirit and behaviour of the people working in administration. A change in the ethic of the administration is thus needed.

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