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Submitting Manuscripts

IJPL encourages submissions of manuscripts focusing on public law issues, broadly intended. Please send manuscripts by email, as a Word attachment, to the editors: .

Please read the following before submitting a manuscript:

  1. Submissions should be accompanied by an assurance that the article has not been published, submitted, or accepted in any other e-journal, while articles to be published on both traditional journals and books will be considered (in this case, the author is kindly requested to indicate the journal or book).  For these purposes, the publication of a manuscript as a working-paper does not constitute prior publication.
  2. Manuscripts must be written in English and should normally range from 3,000 to 10,000 words, with double-spaced pages, in length, including footnotes (single-spaced).  Only exceptionally (e.g. for speeches), footnotes may be omitted, but in this case a bibliographical note should be added at the end of the text.
  3. Articles should include a 100/200-word abstract and a summary.
  4. In addition to articles, and shorter articles or comments, the Journal invites authors to submit review articles. Only in particular cases, will reviews of a specific book be considered.
  5. The Journal encourages authors to refer to research material published not only in English and in Italian, but also in other languages.
  6. The IJPL is a peer-reviewed journal. All manuscripts received are evaluated, first, by both one of the editors and one other member of the Editorial Board. Manuscripts are then sent to anonymous external referees (two for articles and one for shorter articles and review articles). Notification of acceptance, rejection or need for revision will generally be given within twelve weeks of receipt of the manuscript, although exceptions may occur.  The manuscripts may be withdrawn by author at any stage of the evaluation process.
  7. Within the evaluation process, the quality of the manuscript rates first, though also other elements are taken into account, including an adequate balance between the areas of interests and issues covered by the Journal.
  8. For any questions, please contact the editors ----